Restaurant & Kofelstüberl
Buffet in the restaurant

Restaurant & Kofelstüberl

In the refined atmosphere of our restaurants we spoil our guests with high quality, delicious and varied cuisine, from the daily menu or a la carte.

As in the Mediterranean, we cook with canola oil or extra virgin olive oil and mainly seasonal vegetables and fruits preferably from the region, food that is rich in vitamins, carefully prepared, and of course, everything served fresh to you.

Of course, we also offer special diets, such as whole foods, weight-loss diets, low-purine diets and vegetarian diets. Our dietician will be pleased to assist you in putting together a balanced meal.


Restaurant im Hotel am Kofel
Restaurant in the Kofel Clinic

Enjoy our Bavarian charm and hospitality with coffee and cake, a delicous sundae or a tasty light dish. Join us for a variety of entertainment; live music, dances, fashions shows and more. Kofelstüberl’s warm atmosphere will help you feel relaxed and well.