Swimmingpool in the Kofel Hotel



Classic Massage Therapy

Classic Massage loosens muscles,promotes blood circulation, and gives a feeling of well being. We recommend the natural mud pack in combination with the Massage.

Full Massage approx. 30 mins.   € 28.00
Partial Masssage approx. 20 mins.  € 18.50

Aroma Oil Massage

A relaxing massage with essential oils; the perfect escape from the everyday.

Full massage 30 mins.  € 30.00
Partial massage 20 mins.  € 19.50

Connective Tissue Massage

This massage technique creates a soothing liberating feeling by loosening the bonds in muscle tissue.

Approx. 20 mins. € 20.00


Our feet are a reflection of our internal organs.
Stimulating a specific point on the sole of the foot can have a healing effect on the corresponding organs and overall health.

Approx. 30 mins.  € 35.00

Lymphatic Drainage

Decongestive therapy for venous insufficiency or to assist in detox therapies

Full lymphatic drainage 45 mins. € 38.50
Partial lymphatic drainage 30 mins. € 27.50

Wellness massage

Relax with an individualized massage by our professional massage therapists.

Approx.  60 mins. € 55.00

Brush Massage

Stimulates and improves circulation while exfoliating skin.

Approx. 20 mins. € 25,00

Underwater Jet Massage

Relax in a soothing bath while the therapist applies a water jet to specific muscles in combination with manual therapy to relieve tense muscles.

Approx.  20 mins.    € 32,00

Medicinal Baths

Approx. duration 20 mins € 25.00

Contraindications for all Full Baths:

  • Fever and infectious illnesses
  • Cardiac disease class III and IV (NYHA)
  • Severe coronary disease
  • Hypertension Stage IV (WHO)

Hayflower Bath

Relieves neuralgia, sciatica and rheumatic conditions

Valerian Bath

Helps with insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and tension,muscle relaxant and antispasmodic effect

Lavender Bath

General circulation disorders, chronically cold feet

Chamomille Bath

Inflammatory skin diseases, poorly healing wounds, hemorrhoids.

Rosemary Bath

Improves poor blood circulation, chilblains

Eucalyptus Bath

Promotes better skin circulation, colds, bronchitis.


Melissa Bath

Sooths and calms; nervousness, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, functional heart problems, poor skin perfusion

Spruce Needle Bath

Nervous complaints, insomnia, non-acute rheumatic complaints

Ammertaler Hay Sack Bath

Counters joint pain and inflammation, e.g. osteoarthritis

Approx. 20 mins     € 15.00

Milk Whey Bath

For dry skin, cellulite

Approx. 20 mins      € 18.00

Stanger Bath

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the body's functions

Approx. 30 mins   € 17.50

Packs and Inhalations

Natural Mud Pack

Loosens and relaxes the muscles. The heat generated gives a pleasant sense of well being

Approx. 30 mins  € 27


For Respiratory Diseases

Approx.  15 mins. € 7.50

Physiotherapy and Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

The goal of exercise therapy is to preserve or restore the movement and functional ability of the body, for example, back pain due to dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system after miscarriage, overloading or lack of exercise.

Aprox. 20 mins.  € 25

Group Exercise

Heart Group: to improve stamina, strength and agility
Lung Group: breathing exercises, breathing and respiratory drive
Spine Group: for mobilization, stabilization, strengthening and stretching the spine

Approx.  20 Mins.            €  9,50

Back Exercise

Designed for the prevention and treatment of back pain. The goal is to learn and practice proper “back-friendly” body mechanics through abdominal and back muscle strengthening exercises, as well as with relaxation techniques.

Approx. 90 mins. € 35

Water Aerobics

A low-impact, easy-on-the-joints whole body workout for balance and training coordination; water resistance training is 5 times more effective than land training.

Group approx. 20 mins €12,50
Individual approx. 30 mins. €25

Manual Therapy

Strengthens weakened muscles and joints, active and passive stretching of shortened muscles, and for general mobilization.

Approx. 20 mins. € 30

Ergometer/Cardiovascular Training

The purpose of this training is to measure physical performance, (ergometry), respiratory, changes in metabolism and cardiovascular function.

Approx. 20 mins.  € 11

MTT Medical Training Therapy

Exercises on the training equipment to improve endurance and build muscles.

Approx. 60 mins  €  15
Approx. 30 mins. €   7,50

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Perception of the pelvic floor, tensing exercises.

Approx. 20 mins.  € 9.50

Exercises for Varicose Veins

Strengthening, stretching and movement.

Approx. 20 mins.     €  9.50

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking stands for fast, dynamic walking with the help of two specially designed  poles, training the whole body, especially the upper body muscles.

Group approx. 60 mins.    € 14
Beginner Lesson approx. 20 mins. €  24


A pain relief treatment that uses low frequency current to relieve chronic and acute pain.

Approx. 10 mins.    € 10

Red Light

Improves local blood circulation

Approx. 10 mins.    € 10


Pilates helps you to be conscious of poor posture and movement habits, and will help you to improve by developing better and healthier habits.

Approx. 40 mins    € 17,50

A large swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi invite you to relax and recuperate.
Our hairdresser, beautician and nail stylist complement the wellness programs for our guests.